Monthly Archive: November 2021

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – November 1, 2021

Howdy Folks! We were spared the worst of the weekend storm, as it passed mostly to the east of the farm. I know that many of you did not fare so well. Currently, we are preparing for the first frost of the season. It appears we will have seven or eight nights of below freezing temperatures, before it moderates a bit. Hopefully, it will not dip down too much below the 32-degree mark. Most of what remains in the field can tolerate a light freeze. We will pick most of the peppers and try to cover a few beds to keep them alive a little longer. The beans were more or less done anyway, and we are already digging the sweet potatoes as they have attained decent size and there are few weeks left to share them with you all. (more…)

Beet Meatloaf

Beet Meatloaf

Don’t be frightened by the color of this beet meatloaf recipe from  It’s really quite delicious!  Of course, if you already have a favorite meatloaf or burger recipe, you could probably try adding shredded beets to that instead.  Mix in some shredded parsley or chopped onion for more flavor. (more…)