Author: Danielle Levitt

Hungarian Bean Soup

Cold Green Bean Soup (Hungarian)

This surprisingly easy and tasty recipe is from The Complete Book of Soups and Stews by Bernard Clayton Jr.  It is great served hot or cold and freezes well.  Try it with all the different...

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News- July 31, 2008

Hello everyone, The good news for this week is that we received some much needed rain. The bad news is that now we’re getting a little too much rain at a time when we...

Summer Squash/Zuchinni

So what exactly is summer squash? How is it different from its cousin, winter squash? Simply put, summer squash are those types harvested during the growing season, when the fruit is immature and the...

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News- July 24, 2008

Hi Folks, Hot enough for you? It was a rough week for my workers and me, trying to work in this heat. And most of the plants, even the heat loving ones, don’t really...

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News- July 17, 2008

Hello Everyone, Well I have finally finished planting the winter squash and the edamame soybeans. Better late than never is an expression that doesn’t quite work in farming, but with a little rain and...

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News- July 10, 2008

Hi Folks, It was another hectic week at the farm, but a lot was accomplished. One of the major projects that has been worrying me for the last several weeks was the laying of...

Fresh Herbs

Fresh Herbs

Everyone knows that a sprinkle of fresh herbs turns that ordinary family dinner into something extraordinary. But did you know that fresh herbs have a high antioxidant activity?

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News- July 3, 2008

Hi Everyone, As we head into the dog days of summer we continue to be plagued with the problem of bolting. We are just finishing the harvest of the first planting of lettuce and...

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News June 26, 2008

Hi Folks, These are times that try men’s souls! This is the time of the season that is perhaps the most difficult for me and my workers. We have begun harvesting substantial amounts of...

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News- June 19, 2008

Hi Everyone, We have finally arrived at the week you have all been waiting for – the first delivery. It will be a small one as the first delivery usually is, but there’s lots...