Farm News – November 8, 2021

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Hi All! So, as predicted it was a chilly week, with several nights below 28 degrees. We are expecting a warmup for this week before returning to more seasonal temperatures. Fortunately, it has been dry, and the fields are finally beginning to dry out a bit.

For the most part the wet late summer and fall has merely been a nuisance. One of the exceptions is with our Brussel’s sprouts crop, about two-thirds of which were planted in a low-lying field that tends to stay wet. This can be an advantage for a crop like this, which we transplant in July, since there is still some moisture in the soil at a time when it is typically hot and dry. As with many things in farming though, it is a gamble. Some of the plants died completely and most of the others dropped their lower leaves. Since the sprouts form in the leaf axils along the stem, the buds are unable to grow and fill out. Having put in nearly 6,000 plants, we expected to have sprouts in the shares for the last couple of weeks of the season. We are hopeful that we can harvest enough for the final share of the season, next week.

The share for this week will be:  Peppers, shallots, spinach, buttercup squash, radishes, choice of arugula or other mustard green, savoy cabbage, lettuce, daikon, and Japanese sweet potatoes.  Premium shares will also include a choice of endive, radicchio, or dandelion greens.

Enjoy! Farmer John

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