Monthly Archive: November 2016

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – November 14, 2016

Hello Everyone.  So we have arrived at the final week of the season.  In spite of the drought it was one of most productive years so far.  Through every season since 2003, when I began serving a CSA group of 38 members in Montclair, we have made steady improvements in the quantity, quality and variety of produce in the shares.  Over 10 years after that first CSA season, new groups were added each year and membership grew at a steady pace. (more…)

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – November 7, 2016

Hi Folks!  We have another great and colorful share for you this week with red onions and rainbow carrots.  As I have alluded to in previous updates it will be heavy on roots, greens, and brassica family crops.  We are hoping to finish up the cauliflower rotation this week and we have Brussels sprouts. (more…)

Winter Vegetables

Circle Brook Farm End of 2016 Season “Stock Up”

We will be offering one additional share to be delivered during the week of November 20th (Thanksgiving week). This will be a “stock up” share and will include various vegetables that store well, so that you will be able to enjoy produce from the farm well into the winter months as well as provide veggies for your Thanksgiving feast. The delivery will be one day earlier than your normal pickup day. Friday groups will receive their stock up share along with their final regular share on the Friday before Thanksgiving. (more…)