Farm News – August 3, 2020

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Hi Folks, Batten down the hatches! We’re going to have a blow! For the second time this season we are counting on a tropical storm to bring us some rain. I am reminded of the lyrics of a Michael Franti song- “…when rain didn’t have to mean a hurricane”. We just hope it does not come too hard, too fast, and that the winds do not do much damage. At least you will not have to read my complaints about how dry it is for a while!

We have another wonderful share for you this week, although with not many changes from last week. Greens continue to be scarce. We should have lettuce again in a week or two and I recently seeded some spinach, which could be ready in September. August is melon month and the first few have begun to ripen. The crop looks good so far and I expect there will be melons in the share for the next month. Groups who receive their shares later in the week may receive their first treat this round. We plant an heirloom variety of pole bean known as the rattlesnake bean. It is a flat podded bean with purple streaking and is quite sweet and tender. All groups will receive these in their shares over the coming weeks.

We are still very short-handed here on the farm. My workers are putting in 80+ hours per week, and we still cannot keep up with the harvesting and all the other chores. We are in the process of bringing in the onion crop and because we are behind, some begin to go bad. To minimize our losses, we are peeling some that are bad on the outside but still good on the inside. In this way we can finish curing the good ones and have a good supply through the rest of the season. Use them promptly!

The share for this week will be: Beets, green cabbage, summer squash, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, beans, red onions, and basil. Premium shares will also receive kale or chard.

The fruit share for this week will be: Pluots and white peaches.

Enjoy! Stay safe! Be well, Farmer John

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