Farm News- November 18, 2010

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Hi Folks,

The crops continue to grow very slowly, but that’s the way it is in November. We do have some broccoli that is big enough to cut, although not as large as I would have liked. We will continue the broccoli/ cauliflower alternation again this week, with Tues. and Wed. groups getting broccoli and the Thursday groups receiving cauliflower. Most of the cauliflower we have at the moment is either the green type or a variety called Romanesco, which has a beautiful, other worldly appearance, and which I like to call “the cauliflower from another planet.”

Last week we ran out of radishes large enough to pull, so we substituted salad turnips for some groups. If you had radishes last week you will get turnips this week and vice versa. We also have some cute little heads of cabbage, a variety called Gonzales, which is meant to be small–just so you know and don’t think I forgot to fertilize it! We also have full size Bok Choy this week, and no, it’s not from the same crop as the Baby Bok we sent last week–it doesn’t grow that fast! It will be sweet potato surprise this week; that’s not a dish you might make, but rather speaks to the fact that we have smallish quantities of the 3 varieties of sweet potatoes, and I’m not sure which variety anyone will get. In any case they’re all good!

On Sunday, November 28, we will host one final volunteer work party for anyone brave and hardy (perhaps foolhardy) enough to endure a few hours outside in potentially frigid weather. Some of my workers are beginning to depart or find other jobs for the winter months and we could use some help in gleaning what remains in the fields for the final stock up delivery that next week, or to donate to a food pantry. We will begin at 1PM and end when you have had enough. You will also be free to harvest anything you crave to take home with you. If you can make it, please RSVP to me directly at

The share for this week will be:
Red Romaine, green cabbage, radicchio, carrots, broccoli or cauliflower, leeks, sweet dumpling and delicata squash, radishes or salad turnips, Bok Choy, sweet potatoes, and tatsoi or mizuna (a frilly Asian mustard).

Farmer John

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