Farm News – November 4, 2019

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Hello Folks! So, that was quite a storm we had last week! We had nearly 3 inches of rain, which has set us back a bit with some of our fall chores such as sowing cover crop seed and planting the garlic. But the worst part of it was the wind, which blew through here like a freight train from hell. Fortunately and amazingly, we did not suffer much damage other than having the fences for our hens blow down and finding birds scattered all around the fields the next morning. They were safe in their coops overnight but there are automatic openers on the doors which let them out in the morning, and when they emerged they found that they were free to roam.

We’ve been having progressively colder nights here on the farm – we have had six nights of frost so far. The biggest challenge in that regard is coming this weekend, when we are predicted to have several nights in the low 20’s. This degree (pun intended) of cold will damage even the hardiest of crops. We have been harvesting many crops which we can hold in storage for a week or two and covering many other crops which still need to size up. We will have to bring in many other crops before the big freeze and then cover others and hope for the best. We are running out of storage space in our coolers though, so we are going to need to pass some of these items on to you, sooner than later. I’m a little worried that the last two deliveries won’t be as abundant as I’d like. We’re doing the best we can for you, it’s all we can do.

The share for this week will be: Lettuce, choice of kale, collards or chard, beets, gold potatoes, cauliflower, choice of arugula, tatsoi or broccoli raab, acorn squash, celery, baby bok choy and choice of cilantro or dill for the herb. Premium shares will also receive the last of our peppers and escarole.

Enjoy! Farmer John

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