Farm News – June 21, 2021

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Hi everyone, Happy Father’s Day!  Happy Juneteenth!  Happy Summer Solstice!  Happy, Happy, Happy!  Just as I hope you will be with the share this week!  

It is starting to get good now;  The broccoli is beautiful, the spinach spectacular, and the summer squash has started.  We have to hit you with garlic scapes again – they are taking up too much space in our over-flowing coolers.  Don’t despair, they will keep a long time in your fridge (better yours then mine lol).  We will have fresh garlic for you next week.

We received a nice rain on Saturday night, for which we are happy and grateful.  Looks like some more precipitation on tap for tomorrow, which is great.  We are getting very nice large heads from our broccoli plantings and are hopeful that there will be broccoli in the shares twice in the coming weeks.  We still have mostly English or shell peas;  we will start to have more sugar snaps by next week.  A reminder that the shell peas do not hold their sweetness for vey long – they start to turn starchy and can even be a little bitter.  So, use them promptly!  We are sending broccoli leaf as an extra – it is as nutritious as kale and more palatable; it also makes a great base for a cream of broccoli soup. 

The share for this week will be:  Lettuce, broccoli, summer squash, peas, garlic scapes, spinach, Swiss chard, Napa cabbage, and choice of an herb (cilantro or dill).  There will also be broccoli leaf and some loose radishes as extras.  Premium shares will also receive bok choy and a second bunch of spinach.

Enjoy!  Farmer John

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