Farm News – August 22, 2022

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Hello Folks! So, we received a small amount of rain today, and hopefully there is more on tap for Monday evening and Tuesday. For some crops it may be too little too late – particularly for our winter squash and pumpkin crop. Many of the vines have died and the rest are already maturing very small fruits. I am hoping that if it starts raining with more regularity, they may begin to grow and flower again, but there is not much time left.

Our melon crop has come and gone in a flash- they were good while they lasted!  Tuesday groups will receive one more round of melons, which they are owed. For the rest we will be sending watermelons this week. We have another planting of corn, a variety called Nirvana, that is maturing.  It is a super sweet type and has larger ears than previous varieties, and relatively few earworms. Beans and tomatoes remain abundant, and the peppers are ripening prolifically.

The share for this week will be:  Summer squash, beans, colored peppers, green cabbage, red onions, tomatoes, sweet corn, carrots, watermelon, red-skin potatoes, kale, and choice of an herb. Premium members will also receive a second herb and shallots. Hot peppers as an extra.

The fruit share for this week will be:  Zestar apples and nectarines.

Enjoy!  Farmer John

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