Farm News- September 24, 2009

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Hi Folks,

We continue to enjoy dry, but somewhat cool conditions here at the farm. This past Saturday night we came perilously close to having our first frost of the fall. But for now we have been spared and the temperatures are predicted to be more moderate for the next 10 days.

The cool temps do cause plant growth to slow considerably especially for the warm season crops. The next planting of beans which I expected to be ready will have to wait until next week. The eggplant too has slowed down its production, although it is still flowering and has a considerable amount of small fruit. The cool weather crops, of course are loving these conditions and are growing beautifully.

We finished transplanting the last few broccoli and collard plants this past Saturday night.

This week I will be seeding the last beds of mustard greens, radishes and turnips for the season. The only major planting left for this year will be the garlic and shallots for next years crop, which will go in at the end of October.

Next weekend I will be going up to Saugerties NY for the annual Garlic Festival. I will be shopping for about 500 lbs of seed stock to ensure that their will be an ample supply for next year’s deliveries.

The share for this week will be: Red leaf lettuce, yellow onions, garlic, kale, white potatoes, carrots, peppers, ground cherries, sweet corn (conventional) and choice of an herb.

Farmer John

P.S. The Devoe pears in the fruit share are unique to the New York State orchard from which they come. They are somewhat expensive, and so, the quantity will be somewhat less than usual. They are said to be excellent paired with cheddar cheese.

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