Farm News – August 14, 2014

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Hi Folks, We are still very dry here on the farm. On Tuesday evening, returning from market in Hoboken, we drove through some heavy showers but when we arrived at the farm it was dry. It looks as though we may get some precipitation this Tuesday or Wednesday- keep your fingers crossed!

Tomatoes are coming in heavy now so you will receive a nice quantity of both regular (hybrid) and heirloom tomatoes. We are also starting to have quite a few goldenberries, aka ground cherries, husk tomatoes, or cape gooseberries. These small fruit are in the tomato family and have a paper wrapper similar to a tomatillo. They are very sweet and have an interesting flavor, nutty and a bit of pineapple. They are good keepers lasting for weeks without refrigeration. Some people love them and others can live without them, so we generally offer them as a choice with cherry tomatoes.

We will finally have potatoes in the share this week. They are a bit scabby and some have lost some of their skin in the harvesting and washing process, but they taste great. In honor of the arrival of the potatoes we will also be sending leeks, in case you like to make soup. We will also have celery this week, another good soup item. Our celery tends to be stronger flavored and perhaps a little tougher than what most of you are accustomed to with California celery. The inner more blanched stalks can be used in salads while the outer darker stalks are best in stir fries and soups. We continue to have a tremendous melon harvest. They have been quite sweet and tasty thus far and I expect to continue the trend into September.

Last week we began shipping a few groups a long curvy green fruit known as tromboncino.  It is an edible gourd which is harvested while still tender and is reputed to taste a little like avocado. We will continue to rotate through the groups until everyone has had them at least once. They are prepared more or less the same as a squash.

The share for this week will be: tomatoes, red skinned potatoes, leeks, peppers, celery, carrots, melons, summer squash, beans, yellow onions, lettuce and cucumbers. Some groups will receive tromboncinos and some will get cherry tomato/ goldenberries. For extras there will be hot peppers and tomatillos.

Enjoy!   Farmer John

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