Farm News – October 30, 2014

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Hi Everyone, We had a nice group of folks out here on the farm last Saturday for a tour and a campfire. It’s always a pleasure to meet the members and especially the children that are being raised on our veggies. Thanks to those who came out on Sunday and helped break apart garlic bulbs to prepare them for planting. These were the last two farm events for the season. Next year I plan to host more events and provide more frequent opportunities for members to see the farm and learn how their food is grown.

Three days of light rain and drizzle gave us a gloomy week and brought us .8 of an inch of precipitation. We are still in a rain deficit, but at least the plants are growing a little better now. It seems we will have a week of mild temperatures and sunny skies which is just what we need! Frost has taken down most of the warm weather crops, but we still have an abundance of small eggplant which we will include in the share this week. There may be a few peppers as extras as well.

We will offer a potpourri of winter squash choices this week featuring some of our more unusual varieties. Members can choose between white acorn, Jester- an acorn type that is white and green and oblong in shape and Carnival- a multicolored acorn type. Also include will be Seminole- an heirloom butternut type that is traditionally raised by the Native American tribe of the same name. We will also be sending some ornamental pumpkins as extras for those who have not been able to get to the farm or a market to obtain one. As promised we have carrots this week; tender and sweet as the fall crop generally tends to be. We also have beautiful spinach once again and a choice of arugula or tatsoi. There will be broccoli for most groups and kale for a few others if there is not sufficient broccoli to go around. We will have some beautiful white sweet potatoes for your eating pleasure and a choice of celery or fennel.

The share will be: Red potatoes, choice of winter squash, yellow onions, carrots, eggplant, lettuce, choice of arugula or tatsoi, spinach, choice of fennel or celery, broccoli or kale, sweet potatoes, and choice of an herb.    

Enjoy! Farmer John

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