Farm News – October 29, 2015

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Hello Everyone! So after the ice had melted and a few days had gone by we were able to assess the damage from last week’s deep freeze. It was fairly substantial; many crops that are generally quite hardy had leaves burned and appeared quite droopy for several days. Some have recovered and others are still trying to come back. The Swiss chard was badly damaged and probably won’t recover. The kale had a lot of leaves burned but is beginning to grow again; we just need to let it rest a bit. The broccoli and cauliflower had leaf damage as well; so the heads they produce will be smaller.

That being said, we have a tremendous share for you this week!   The yellow cauliflower is beginning to come in, so some of you will receive it this week and others in the next share. Some other groups may receive broccoli this week (definitely Downtown Harvest-who were promised it for last week and we did not have enough). We have one last round of peppers for you. We have salad turnips again (don’t forget to use the greens). Besides the turnips we have 2 other less common root vegetables for you –celery root and sunchokes, aka Jerusalem artichoke. There will be blue potatoes and orange sweet potatoes. One note about last week’s delivery- we had promised red cabbage but did not have enough that was ready to cut. Some groups got Savoy cabbage instead and will receive their red cabbage when we send everyone else the Savoy in the next week or two. Brussel sprouts soon!

The share for this week will be: Garlic, buttercup (kabocha) squash, blue potatoes, peppers, bok choi (mostly purple type), choice of arugula or tatsoi, spinach, salad turnips, celery root, sunchokes, lettuce, sweet potatoes and possible cauliflower or broccoli.

Enjoy!     Farmer John

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