Farm News – November 14, 2022

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Hi Everyone, So, we have reached the end of the line for this season.  I would say the finish line, but my crew and me still have several more weeks to finish out the season.  There is still some garlic to be planted, the stock up shares to put together, and various root crops to harvest for storage through the winter and into next spring.  And there are a myriad of other chores to be done, to put the farm to bed for the winter.  As I mentioned last week, we are entering a very cold stretch of weather.  We have been busy harvesting many of the crops that will be in the shares this week and in the stock-up before they are damaged.  And we have been moving many of the crops in storage into the barn where they can be better protected from the cold nights ahead.

I think that it was a fairly good season, I hope that you all feel the same.  There are always some crops with which I wish we could have done better.  A few of these, such as cucumbers, are perennially pesky – they are just very challenging to grow in our climate.  There is a lot of great breeding work being done, especially for organic growers.  I am hopeful that new varieties will soon be available with more disease resistance, that will allow for more sustained productivity.  A few years back we could hardly grow basil due to a disease called Basil Downy Mildew; now, thanks to Rutgers Cooperative Extension we have 2 new varieties with excellent resistance.

It is a time to be thankful, and I must always give praise and thanks to my fantastic crew.  They work diligently and conscientiously through all kinds of weather – unbearable heat, wind, rain and bitter cold and the are always cheerful.  And of course, I am extremely grateful to you the members, who put your trust in us by investing in the farm months before there will be any return on your investment.  I wish you all Happy Holidays and a safe and healthy winter.  See you next spring!

The share for this week will be: Butternut squash, orange sweet potatoes, red-skin potatoes, parsnips, choice of turnips or rutabaga, carrots, spinach, kale, lettuce, broccoli or cauliflower, Savoy cabbage, and leeks.   Premium shares will also include dandelion greens and a second bunch of spinach.

Happy Thanksgiving!   Farmer John

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