Farm News – July 25, 2022

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Hi Everyone, I hope you all have managed okay with this weekend’s scorching heat. It was hard on my workers, but, as always, they stoically endured it. Had it not been for the rain earlier in the week, it might have been devastating for the crops. We were hoping for some more precipitation today as cooler air moves in, unfortunately we got a scant tenth of an inch. Temps this week will be a little more bearable, especially with nighttime temperatures dropping into the sixties. Hopefully, there will be more rain soon.

We have some more sweet corn for you this week, although a smaller quantity than last week. The birds have been devastating our corn plantings this year; I’ve never seen anything like it! We have netting that we cover the stalks with, but they still get in and wreak havoc. There will be green peppers for the first time and more tomatoes. We are finishing the cauliflower/green cabbage rotation. The heat has destroyed the tops on the beets, so we will be sending them loose.

The share for this week will be: Tomatoes, summer squash, cauliflower or green cabbage, beets, peppers, beans, sweet corn, eggplant, red onions, and basil. Premium shares will also include tomatillos and kale.

The fruit share for this week will be: Shiro plums and pluots.

Enjoy! Farmer John

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