Farm News – November 13, 2023

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Hello Everyone, We have reached the final week of the CSA season. I know that some will be sad not to receive their weekly bounty, while others may be relieved to be free of the pressure of putting it all to good use. My crew and I are relieved as well as proud to have been able to provide reasonably abundant shares despite the many challenges that the weather created.

I recently visited with some of my local farmer friends at The Honey and Garlic festival, a fall harvest event put on at the Sussex County fairgrounds. We commiserated over the difficulties of the season – spring drought, torrential downpours, and an August with little warmth or sunshine. When I greeted one of my fellow farmers with “So what do you think? Worst season ever?” He replied yes, and with a laugh, “but we say that every year” Yes, I said, “but the weather will be better next year” and we both laughed again. A sense of humor and perennial optimism is what gets us through the all too frequent heartbreaks of farming. We hope, even if we can’t completely believe, that Mother Nature will give us the right balance of sunshine and rain to allow our crops to flourish. We all need to eat, and we need to learn to produce our food in a manner that not only does not exacerbate the changing climate but may mitigate it.

It is a time to be thankful, and I must always give praise and thanks to my wonderful crew. They work diligently and conscientiously, enduring all kinds of weather – scorching heat, wind, rain, and bitter cold, and always remain cheerful. And of course, I am extremely grateful to the members who put their trust in us by investing in the farm months before there is anything to show for it. I wish you all Happy Holidays and a safe and healthy winter!

The share will be: Lettuce, red skin potatoes, spinach, sweet potatoes, kale, arugula or tatsoi, celery, baby carrots, Brussel’s sprouts, daikon, leeks, scallions, and choice of an herb (parsley, sage, cilantro).  Premium share will also include fennel and bok choi.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Farmer John

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