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Radicchio, along with Belgian and curly endive, frisée, and escarole, are members of the leafy chicory family. Radicchio is characterized by variegated purplish-red leaves that can be a touch bitter and spicy, which is why it is generally used as a component, rather than the main ingredient, in most salads. (more…)

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Joey Russo, Green Mountain Maple Sugar Refinery

Fall Maple Syrup and Honey available

Hi everyone, if you missed the spring order of maple syrup, or would like to purchase more maple products now is your chance!  Please fill out the attached form and mail it back to the address listed.  Please note that orders must be received in the mail by Oct 31!!  That’s pretty soon!

Also, please write WESTFIELD across the top of the order form.

The maple products will be available for pick up on Nov 20.

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – October 16, 2014

Hi Folks, Mother Nature continues to dole out the precipitation with an eye dropper. On Saturday we received about .3 inches of the wet stuff. Once again the rain event coincided perfectly with the hours of my Saturday market, dampening sales as well as my workers and I. We are predicted to get a more substantial drenching on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. (more…)

Acorn Squash

Acorn Squash

Although considered a winter squash, acorn squash actually belongs to the same species as all “summer” squashes (such as zucchini and yellow crookneck squash). The most common variety is dark green in color, but newer varieties can be yellow or white; they can also be variegated. As the name suggests, its shape resembles that of an acorn. It is a good candidate for winter storage, keeping several months in a cool dry location such as a cellar. Squash can be refrigerated, but it will deteriorate quickly and should only be refrigerated 1-2 weeks. (more…)

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Pumpkin Patch

Circle Brook Farm – Fall Event Schedule

We will host several more events at the farm this fall. These will all be opportunities to see the farm, help out a bit and to receive a pumpkin. I hope many of you will be able to attend. If you are not able to make it out to the farm and would still like to get a pumpkin, you can visit us at one of our markets over the next few weeks: (more…)

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Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – October 9, 2014

Hello Everyone, We received .6 inches of rain this past weekend. Although not as much as I would have liked, it will greatly benefit the fall crops. The timing was also less than desirable — raining all through my Saturday morning market and costing me thousands of dollars in lost income. C’est la vie! (more…)

Delicata Squash

Delicata Squash

Delicata squash is a long, oblong-shaped squash with a cream colored, green-striped, outer skin and a golden, fine-textured inner flesh. This is one of the tastier winter squashes, with a creamy pulp that tastes a bit like corn and sweet potatoes. It can be baked or steamed and served as a side dish, seasoned with butter and herbs, providing a sweet nutty flavor with a creamy smooth texture. The thin skin is also edible. (more…)

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