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Hakurei turnips

Hakurei Turnips

Hakurei turnips are a Japanese salad turnip. They are sweet and much softer than a regular turnip, and rarely need to be peeled; just wash and trim the root ends. The leaves are also edible but should be eaten within 1-2 days. Wrapped tightly in plastic, the turnips can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 week (but you will enjoy them more if you eat them right after the sugar snaps!). (more…)

Hakurei turnips

Baby Turnips and Turnip Greens

The following recipe, taken from the William Sonoma cookbook, Cooking from the Farmers’ Market, is a nice and easy way to use the turnips and its greens at once. As we expect the Hakurei to be small turnips, you can ignore the recommendation to trim the leaves in the recipe (below) but may follow it when using Fall turnips. The recipe yields 4 servings. Enjoy! (more…)