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Savoy cabbage


Cabbage is a leafy green or purple biennial plant, grown as an annual vegetable crop for its dense-leaved heads. Closely related to other cole crops, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts.  Smooth-leafed firm-headed green cabbages are the most common, with smooth-leafed red and crinkle-leafed savoy cabbages of both colors seen less frequently.  The cabbage heads are generally picked during the first year of the plants’ life cycles, but those intended for seed are allowed to grow a second year. (more…)

Asian Pickled Cabbage

Asian Pickled Cabbage

Here’s a recipe for Asian Pickled Cabbage from thekitchn.com. It’s tangy from the vinegar, sweet from the sugar, and just a bit spicy from the ginger — a perfect balance of flavors.  It’s super easy and refreshing as a side dish on a hot day.  The recipe serves 2-4 but can easily be doubled.   (more…)

Rustic Homemade Pizza Sauce

Rustic Homemade Pizza Sauce

You can turn almost any of your extra CSA veggies into toppings on a homemade pizza.  From the Cooking Close to Home cookbook, this simple, chunky, sauce yields about 3½ cups, enough for 3, 16-inch pizzas.  It is also an excellent base for adding pasta sauce ingredients like ground meat, sausage, or other veggies later.  You can also freeze it, in case you have more tomatoes than you know what to do with.

If you have fresh herbs, the conversion is one teaspoon dry equals one Tablespoon fresh (and fresh will taste so much better!).


Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – August 12, 2019

Hi Everyone! So, the weather continues to be excellent for both plants and humans! If this keeps up, it will be a Circle Brook Farm update record for consecutive weeks without complaining about the weather! Maybe I should call the Guinness Book of World records folks – I understand they’ll certify just about anything if there’s enough money in it. There are strong storms forecast for tomorrow, so we’ll have to wait and see how that goes. In the meantime, we have lots of nice produce heading your way! (more…)

Green Beans


Green beans, also known as snap beans because they “snap” when broken, are harvested when young, when the beans inside the pod are small and tender and the pods are thin. They are very low in calories and loaded with vitamins K, A, and C, fiber, folate and anti-oxidants. Interestingly, green beans were originally cultivated in Peru and were then spread throughout Central and South America by Indian tribes. Spanish explorers brought them back from the “New World” to Europe in the 16th century, and from there they spread around the world. (more…)

Summer Succotash

Summer Succotash

If you’re tired of traditional succotash, try this recipe from the “Simply Organic” by Jesse Ziff Cool.  It deviates from the classic style of succotash by substituting green beans for lima beans, and adding hot peppers, cumin, and lime for a southwestern twist. (more…)