Summer Squash/Zuchinni

So what exactly is summer squash? How is it different from its cousin, winter squash? Simply put, summer squash are those types harvested during the growing season, when the fruit is immature and the skin tender. They are consumed immediately and require little or no cooking. Zucchini, patty pan and yellow crook or straightneck are the most common. We will be receiving plenty of these this summer.

Winter squash differs in that it is allowed to mature before harvesting and must sit on the ground for weeks, even months, before it ripens. Their skin is hardened and they can be stored in a cool place for months before consuming. They generally require a longer cooking time.

Among summer squash, there is little nutritional difference between yellow and green. Both are low in calories and high in our friend, beta caro-tene. Only remember to eat the skin, which is where most of the nutrients are!



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