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Rainbow Carrots

2020 Registration

Registration for the 2020 season is now open!  Know your farmer, know your food.

Farmer John is once again offering two share sizes:

  1. BASIC SHARE – A smaller share, approximately 75% of the size of a premium share. The basic share will contain on average 9 to 12 items and will include more common produce such as lettuce, tomatoes, beans, zucchini, potatoes cucumbers etc. There will be smaller quantities of some items, for example 2 or 3 instead of 4 of crops such as peppers, eggplant, squash and cucumbers, or lower weights of beans. COST: $580 / $600
  1. PREMIUM SHARE – A premium share will on average contain 10-14 items. There will be more variety and in some cases larger quantities of products such as peas and beans in the premium share. There will be more greens in the premium, for example perhaps 2 bunches of spinach instead of one and a greens item during mid-summer when these are scarce. There may be a few items that are only provided in the premium share. While herbs will be included in the basic share they will be provided more consistently in the premium share. COST: $695 / $720

Our season for both shares runs for 24 weeks and is predicted to begin on June 11.

EXTRAS:  Once the season begins there will be opportunities to purchase shares of pasture raised eggs and ecologically grown fruit.

Early Bird Discount – Save by paying in full by March 1.

Cost breakdown:

Early Bird Pricing
(pay in full by March 1)
Regular Pricing
(pay in full by June 1)
Premium $695 $720
Basic $580 $600

If you can not pay your share in full, a $200 non-refundable deposit holds your spot.  Email for more information.

To Register:

Click here to register online
Then mail your check to our registration coordinator at the address on the form.


Click here to download a membership form
Then print and mail the application and check together to our registration coordinator on the form.



Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – November 18, 2019

Hello Everyone! So, we have reached the end of another season. I know that for many of you the last share pickup is a sad event; knowing that it will six months before you can begin receiving fresh produce from the farm. For me and my workers it is a bit of a relief. My workers have been suffering with working outdoors through some very cold and damp days over the last few weeks. I know that they are looking forward to going home to their families and to a warmer climate. For me, it is relief from the worry about the crops and the weather and wondering if we will be able to finish out the season in good form. (more…)

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts as they are now known were grown possibly as early as the 13th century in what is now Belgium. During the 16th century, they enjoyed a popularity in the southern Netherlands that eventually spread throughout the cooler parts of Northern Europe.  They are a cool weather crop that, rather than being damaged by a frost, actually gets a little sweeter and improves in taste. (more…)

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – November 11, 2019

Hi Everyone! It was a beautiful day today; after the frigid weekend it felt like summer was back! Too bad it won’t last. Another arctic blast will be blowing in tomorrow and is predicted to break lots of low temperature records. Here on the farm we are expecting lows in the mid-teens two nights in a row (brrrrr). (more…)



The parsnip is a root vegetable related to the carrot, but white or cream colored and sweeter. Up until the potato arrived from the New World, its place in dishes was occupied by the parsnip and other root vegetables such as the turnip. (more…)

Yacon Sauce

Yacon Sauce

Found on the Attainable Sustainable food blog, this “yacon sauce” recipe is a twist on apple sauce.  It’s not exactly like applesauce, but it’s “pretty darned good”!  Cooked yacon takes on the flavor of what you add to it; it’s not a very distinct flavor on its own. Consider this a base recipe and play with it a bit. I could see it working well with dried apricots, too, or maybe even mixed with fresh berries. (more…)

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – November 4, 2019

Hello Folks! So, that was quite a storm we had last week! We had nearly 3 inches of rain, which has set us back a bit with some of our fall chores such as sowing cover crop seed and planting the garlic. But the worst part of it was the wind, which blew through here like a freight train from hell. Fortunately and amazingly, we did not suffer much damage other than having the fences for our hens blow down and finding birds scattered all around the fields the next morning. They were safe in their coops overnight but there are automatic openers on the doors which let them out in the morning, and when they emerged they found that they were free to roam. (more…)

Broccoli Raab

Broccoli Raab

Commonly known in the United States as broccoli raab, it is truly a vegetable with many names around the world.  A few of the many names are raab, rabe, rapa, rapine, rappi, rappone, turnip broccoli, taitcat, Italian or Chinese broccoli, broccoli rape, or broccoli de rabe. (more…)

Sauteed Broccoli Raab

Broccoli Raab with Caramelized Onions

This recipe, found at is the classic Italian way to prepare broccoli raab.  It’s also great served with Italian sausage and pasta.

Note that this recipe also includes the blanching steps, which is the key to removing much of the natural bitterness in broccoli raab.  Some people blanch their raab, some do not — so if your raab isn’t particularly bitter, or you like bitter greens, you can easily skip the blanching steps. (more…)