Farm News-September 25, 2008

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Hi Everyone,

We’ve enjoyed spectacularly beautiful weather these past 2 weeks but now we are in need of rain once again. There is a chance for some showers at the end of this week, meanwhile it’s back to moving the sprinklers around! Most of the seed I have been planting these past 2 weeks has germinated well, and I continue to plant, at least for a few more days. The fall transplants are growing well, except for some ground hog damage in one part of the field. We will begin to have more greens very soon arugula and other mustard greens in 2 weeks and spinach soon after. We reached the peak of the tomato harvest last week and now production has dropped of sharply. There is almost no fruit left in the fields, but I hope to continue harvesting from the greenhouse planting for a few more weeks, albeit in lower quantities. We pulled the last of the melons out of the field this past Saturday and it looks like there will be enough for one more round! We are at a lull in bean production the edamame soybeans and limas are not quite ready, and the string beans have petered out. Since fall has officially arrived we will start delivering winter squash this week beginning with spaghetti squash. The share for this week will be: Carrots, spaghetti squash, Yellow Finn potatoes (similar to Yukon Golds), lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, choice of kale or Swiss chard, melons, choice of an herb, and ground cherries.

Farmer John

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