Monthly Archive: July 2010

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – July 29, 2010

Hi Everyone, It looks as though the tomato season has arrived. We began picking a sizeable amount of fruit last Friday, and a lot more have ripened over the weekend. It’s a week or two earlier than normal, one of the better consequences of this sunny, hot, and accelerated season. There will probably only be enough for 1 or 2 fruits per member this week, with more appreciable quantities arriving in the coming weeks. (more…)

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News-November 24, 2010

Hello Folks,

I know it’s hard saying goodbye, especially to your fresh vegetables, but we have reached the end of the season. We are in the process of making one final push to glean what we can from what is left in the fields. (more…)

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – July 22, 2010

Hi Folks, We had a great start to the season, with many greens and unusually bountiful shares. As we head into mid-summer, greens generally become more scarce, and in this accelerated season we arrived at this point sooner than normal. (more…)

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – July 15, 2010

Hi Folks, I am happy to report that the farm received nearly 2 inches of rain this past Friday night into Saturday morning, much more than expected and a bit more than was needed, but nevertheless a huge relief. We were spending too much time moving sprinklers around and thus unable to begin preparing ground for the fall planting which will begin soon. (more…)

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – July 8, 2010

Hi Folks, I hope everyone had a pleasant Fourth of July weekend. We don’t take much of a break for the holiday here at the farm. Monday was a regular workday and I spent most of yesterday on a marathon mission to finish planting the winter squash. I confess that I did catch some blues music and fireworks (ooh-ahh) in the nearby town of Sparta. The lack of rain in the last 2 weeks has us moving the irrigation equipment around from field to field, a task that interferes with our other pressing duties. (more…)

Escarole with White Beans

Escarole with Cannelloni Beans

When faced with escarole, which I’m not overly fond of, I had to become creative. I threw this together, and surprise! I loved it! You can use any greens in the recipe. For an easy entrée, add a little more stock to the mix when cooking and toss it with pasta when done.


Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – July 1, 2010

Hello Everyone, Well, it was a scorcher of a week! It’s summertime in New Jersey just like I remember it – hot and humid. While the hot warm weather crops such as the tomatoes and peppers have been in their glories, the cool weather plants have been looking quite dejected- wilting and droopy. Fortunately the heat wave is predicted to break and we will have some milder temperatures by mid-week. (more…)