Sign up this week for Fruit Shares!


We will once again offer a fruit share for the 2014 season! We will soon begin planting a variety of fruit trees, bushes and brambles. In coming years I expect to produce most, if not all the crops for a fruit share. But for now, most of the fruit we distribute will come from an organic farm in the Hudson Valley, NY.

While the farm grows their vegetable crops organically, the fruit is labeled Eco-grown. This means that they adhere as much as possible to organic methods but do spray when necessary with products not approved for organic production. These sprays are primarily early in the season when the fruit is just setting. The farm regularly tests the fruit to insure it is free of pesticide residues. It is very difficult to produce certified organic tree fruit here in the Northeast. Most of the organic fruit in the US comes from California or Eastern Washington State where drier condition prevail and there are not quite as many insect pests to battle. We offer this service to provide access to high quality locally grown fruit.

The NY farm has consistently provided us with great tasting tree fruit for the past several years, with their nectarines being some of the most delicious I have ever had. The share will consist of 2 types of tree fruit each week with an average of 5-6 lbs. total weight. We will begin the season with blueberries, peaches, plums, and nectarines. The fall fruit shares will be comprised of different varieties of apples and pears each week and hopefully with some organic hardy kiwi from PA at the end of September. The season will run for 14 weeks beginning the week of July 15. We will most likely skip one week at the end of August.

The cost of the fruit share will be $15 per week which equals $210 for the season. If you are interested in signing up for a fruit share, please bring a check made out to ‘John Krueger’ next Thursday at pick up.

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