Monthly Archive: November 2014

Butternut Squash Spread

Holiday Butternut Squash Spread

With the balance of the Holiday Season fast upon us, here is a different twist on a spread that may come in handy for family and guests. The recipe yields 1 ¾ cups. Enjoy!

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – November 20, 2014

Hello Everyone, So we have arrived at the end of the season. I know that it’s a sad moment for many of you, but as you can imagine I and my crew are happy...

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – November 13, 2014

Hi Folks, As we head into the final weeks of the season winter weather is already rearing it’s ugly head. In last week’s episode I mentioned feeling frustration; my mood at present can best...

Stewed Escarole with Feta

Stewed Escarole with Feta

Besides using escarole in soups, this is one of my favorite recipes for this veggie. We presented it a few years ago in one of our CSA Newsletter and it got good reviews so...

Squash & Pumpkin

Circle Brook Farm End of Season “Stock Up”

We will be offering one additional share to be delivered during the week of November 23rd (Thanksgiving week). This will be a “stock up” share and will include various vegetables that store well, so...

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – November 6, 2014

Hello Everyone, so it’s November now; a frustrating month for farmers, or at least I find it so. The combination of short days, cold soil temperatures and even colder nights slows the growth and...