Monthly Archive: June 2017

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – June 26, 2017

Hi Folks!  We received some good rain last Friday evening and overnight into Saturday, but it cleared off early Saturday, giving us a beautiful day for the farm visit picnic.  Attendance was a bit low but those who came out had a nice time.  I hope many of you will have a chance to visit sometime this season.  I enjoy meeting the members, especially the children.  As I have previously mentioned, I was raised on canned vegetables so it’s wonderful to hear about how the kids enjoy fresh veggies. (more…)

Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – June 19, 2017

Hello Everyone!  I remember the first time I tasted fresh peas; it was something of a revelation to me.  Raised on canned veggies, peas were something I particularly detested, and I shoveled them on to my sister’s plate when she wasn’t looking.  Walking in a friend’s garden we pulled some from the vine opened the pods and popped them in our mouths.  Wow!  I had never tasted anything (or at least any vegetable) so sweet and delicious.   (more…)

English Peas

Garden Peas (aka English Peas)

Garden, or English peas, are your standard “pea in a pod.” They have more nutrients and calories than snow or sugar snap peas and are a bit more work as they need to be shelled. Garden peas are sweet and succulent for three to four days after they are picked, but turn mushy and starchy very quickly after harvesting.  So use them fast! (more…)

Sugar snap peas

Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar snap peas, unlike last week’s garden peas, have edible pods that are filled with plump sweet peas.  Use them quickly as they lose their flavor and structure when stored.  They can be eaten raw, but are best when cooked, requiring little time:  steam sugar snaps for about 4 minutes. (more…)

Chicken and Bok Choy Stir-Fry

Chicken and Bok Choy Stir Fry

This recipe uses many of the vegetables we will be getting this week!  Stir frying is a versatile way to put your CSA veggies to good use.  You can really substitute almost any other vegetable for the ones listed in this recipe and it will still turn out great.  Use your imagination!   For a vegetarian option, leave out the chicken, use tofu or other protein, and use vegetable stock.


Circle Brook Farm

Farm News – June 12, 2017

Hi Folks! Well we’re havin’ a heat wave (in case you hadn’t noticed).  While the workers are a little wilted, the soil fortunately has sufficient moisture that even the cool weather crops can tolerate the heat.  And the warmth loving crops — tomatoes. peppers, squash etc. — are looking great and are finally beginning to grow. (more…)

Gorgonzola Potatoes and Peas

Gorgonzola Potatoes and Peas

While there is nothing quite like freshly shelled peas eaten the day they are picked, if you absolutely MUST cook with them, here is a recipe from the “Simply Organic” cookbook. (more…)