Farm News – June 25, 2018

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Hello Everyone! So I guess I should have known better than to have believed the weatherman. I postponed the farm visit based on a forecast of rain and thunderstorm through most of the weekend. We received virtually no precipitation except for a few moments of drizzle and two brief showers — both of which occurred when I ventured out on my seeding tractor to try and get some planting done!

In a way this was a double whammy because we were counting on a good rain to help germinate the thousands of row feet of seeds that were planted during the week. As I previously noted we are also hoping for rain to help the many crops planted on bare ground that do not have the benefit of drip irrigation. We are now riding the tractor slowly over the rows dribbling water from a water tank onto the marks left by the seeder and moving sprinklers around frequently. I go out at midnight to close one valve and open another. The well pump is running around the clock! Rain is forecast for Thursday; let’s hope they’re right this time.

We have a nice crop of radishes at the moment so we are holding off on the turnip/beet rotation we began last week until the next round, because with the heat and dryness the radishes won’t hold. We are coming to the end of the spring spinach crop, so this week we will offer it as a choice with Swiss chard. There is still a paucity of peas, and we are struggling to get some to groups that have been shorted thus far. I expect more abundant harvests soon. Broccoli is poised to head up in great quantities soon, but for now we will start a rotation with Napa Cabbage. Late week groups are more likely to see some broccoli.

The share for this week will be:  Lettuce, radishes, summer squash, Napa cabbage or broccoli, kale, choice of spinach or chard, possibly peas, choice of arugula or tatsoi and choice of an herb (cilantro, dill or parsley). Premium shares will include daikon, fennel and choice of a second herb.

Enjoy! Farmer John

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