Farm News – September 27, 2021

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Happy Fall, everyone! The days are becoming shorter, and the nights are getting cooler, and the brutal heat is over until next summer. I just hope the nights don’t get too cold anytime soon! The beans are still flowering and will continue to produce for a few more weeks if Mother Nature allows. The peppers are ripening prolifically – turning red, yellow, and orange, as soon will be the leaves.

We are hoping to provide you all with one more helping of summer squash over the next several weeks. The last large planting is producing consistently, if not particularly abundantly. We will send it as supply allows. We are still working on getting everyone a few edamame soybeans as a sub for the string beans. The goldenberries are beginning to ripen more of their sweet/tart fruit and we will be in rotation for the next few weeks until everyone has had a taste. As we move through the autumn, greens will become more prevalent, as will the tubers and root crops (does everyone know the difference? lol).

The share for this week will be: Parsnips, Cipollini onions, kale or chard, peppers, arugula or broccoli raab, peppers, red potatoes, radishes or daikon, eggplant, delicata squash or zucchini, and choice of an herb (cilantro, dill, basil). Premium shares will also include scallions and a second herb.

The fruit share for this week will be: Empire apples and Hardy kiwi berries.

Enjoy! Farmer John

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