“Spring” Garlic and Onions

Spring Garlic
Spring Garlic

You probably already know that the best way to store onions and garlic is in a cool, dark place that’s dry and has good air flow. But did you know that rule actually only applies to cured onions and garlic – the kind generally found at the supermarket? “Spring” or “fresh” onions and garlic, however, are an exception to that rule. This article on thekitchn.com has all the details!

Once harvested, garlic and onions can be enjoyed right away, but they are typically cured instead. The curing process involves putting them outside or in a cold, well-ventilated environment that allows the skin to dry out and turn papery; this protects the bulbs for long-term storage.

When garlic or onions are harvested early, they are called “spring” or “fresh” onions or garlic. You can use these vegetables the same way you would use their cured forms, they just don’t have their protective skins. This changes how they are stored and how long they will last. It’s essential to let spring garlic and onions breathe to prevent rot, but you also need to protect them from dehydration. It’s best to put them in an open plastic bag in your refrigerator’s crisper drawer set on the high humidity setting.

While spring garlic and onions can’t stand up to long-term storage like the more mature members of the onion family, they will keep for a few weeks if stored properly.

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