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Cole Slaw

Freezer Cole Slaw

Did you know that you could freeze cole slaw?  Making this recipe is a great way to use up extra cabbage, peppers, and carrots.  When sealed in freezer bags, it will last for months and can be thawed out whenever you need it.  Makes 2 quarts. (more…)


Easy Gazpacho

This is my go-to recipe for delicious and satisfying gazpacho. And now that we are in peak tomato season, it’s an easy meal, despite what might appear like a long and arduous process — it is not! Read it thru a few times, make it once, and you will see how simple it is. The recipe serves 4-6 and hails from the website www.thekitchn.com. Do try it, please. (more…)



At some point this summer, you will look in your crisper and realize you have all the ingredients for the perfect summer meal: Gazpacho. This recipe from the Joy of Cooking is easy to make and can be adapted depending on what vegetables you have available. Serve for lunch or add a side of thick crusty bread to make a light dinner. (more…)