Farm News – July 12, 2021

Circle Brook Farm
Circle Brook Farm

Hello Folks! So, we are generally happy for some rain, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Everyday storms and rain showers are making life a bit difficult for us at present. It isn’t possible to prepare ground for planting, or seed when it is too wet. The damp weather is favorable to the fungi, to which many plants are susceptible, but especially the tomatoes and the cucurbits. We have finished bringing in the garlic and are almost done harvesting the shallot crop, but now there are onions that must be pulled, or they will begin to rot. Hopefully, the wet spell will end soon, and we can get back on schedule with planting.

New for this week are rainbow carrots, cauliflower, and the first peppers of the season. The peppers will be green for a few weeks until they become more abundant, and we can leave some on the plants to ripen to red, yellow, and orange. We are coming to the end of pea season, but we will have one more round for everyone except the Friday groups that started receiving them earlier. Beans are coming on and also coming soon are tomatoes, potatoes, and sweet corn!

The share for this week will be:  Peas (sugar or snow), lettuce, rainbow carrots, summer squash, cukes, cauliflower, sweet red onions, spinach or chard, peppers, and choice of an herb (parsley, thyme, summer savory or lemon basil). Premium shares will also include kale, scallions and a second herb.

We are taking a pause on the fruit shares for this week as we wait for more local fruit to become available.

Enjoy! Farmer John

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